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New Boiler Installations

As much one should make sure the quality of the new boiler unit he acquires, boiler installation is also about the qualification of the installer. Because of the delicate nature of the technology and the magnitude of catastrophe it can cause in wrongly installed, government regulations are quite strict licensing qualified boiler installers.


In the UK, boiler installers must be registered with CORGI or Council of Registered Gas Installers. Failure to do so would be a serious violation of gas safety regulations and could be the mean serious penal consequence. Separately, technicians can also have themselves qualify as an oil-based boiler installer by registering on various professional private accrediting entities, which includes the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors, Ltd and Building Engineering Services Competence Accreditation, among others.


Whether you’re doing some DIY on your property or upgrading your central heating, you still need to determine the correct type of new boiler installation for your project. It’s also useful to note that if you put the project in the hands of a rogue plumber, you risk ending up with a boiler that is not fit for purpose and may end up costing more than you bargain.


Here are some good tips to remember when considering installing a new boiler.


Step 1. Determine your hot water and heating requirements


Regarding your home’s heating and hot water, you need to determine what your new boiler has to provide. Combi boilers are best choices for small properties, typically with one bathroom and limited space. Hot water is on demand, meaning there is no requirement for large water cylinders. Modern combination boiler installations can provide as much as 18 liters of heated water per minute. Large properties on the other hand or properties with low water pressure or power showers require a conventional heating system.


Step 2. Determine the best location

Boiler location is crucial. Over the years, boilers have changed considerably with the advantage that they can now be installed in areas such as cupboards which were previously impossible. Nowadays, both conventional systems and combi systems use condensing technology to obtain the maximum heat possible with maximum efficiency. Replacing and old conventional boiler with a combination boiler enables you to remove the old water tanks which in turn frees up valuable space. Further, some modern boilers are very small enabling them to be wall mounted. The most powerful boilers are now much smaller than those of the past and can be concealed inside a cupboard. However, you must always consider access for maintenance and provide adequate ventilation. No matter where you choose to situate your boiler, it must be close to an outside wall for installation of the flue.


Step 3. Consider the running costs and energy efficiency

Modern condensers are extremely efficient regarding energy. The waste gasses are also used to produce heat meaning extremely low wastage and thermal efficiency in the region of around 97-98%. Modern boilers also produce much fewer emissions from the likes of CO2 and nitrous oxide. Selecting the correct boiler also reduces your carbon footprint with fuel savings over the long term.


Step 4. Installation considerations

It’s important to choose an appropriately qualified and skilled installation professional and ensure they are Corgi registered. It’s important to check the credentials of your plumber – something few homeowners rarely do. In addition to guarantees, the best plumbing companies and heating engineers will give clear, impartial advice and free estimates on boiler type and installation.

Fast Response Time

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